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Lianyungang the crop science and technology limited company (Hongkong owned), founded in 1965, is the designated national pesticide production modernization of medium-sized enterprises, the production base is located in Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park (guannaxian heap ditch town), close to the coastal highway (G15) and 204 National Highway, covers an area of more than and 70 hectares (1000 acres). Has been completed and put into operation a number of synthetic pesticide production line, with an annual output of 100 thousand tons of pesticides, the production capacity of 30 thousand tons of chemical products. Estimated investment amount of 3 billion yuan.

In September 2000 the company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, "Li" trademark was named "Jiangsu famous trademark".

The company's existing insecticide, acaricide, fungicides, herbicides and chemical products such as the five major categories of dozens of varieties, the main products of nitenpyram, chlorpyrifos, paraquat, atrazine, phoxim, glyphosate, azoxystrobin, isoprothiolane, quality of the production and sales of chemical products ranked the highest in the country, with an annual output of ethyl chloride sales of 20 thousand tons, products are exported to India, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Europe and other countries and regions.

"Ecology, green, no pollution", full of pride in this crop is a new look forward, determined to promote the revitalization of China's agriculture and the global harvest of agriculture to make unremitting efforts!


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