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1 billion 966 million, twelfth, the local crop technology advances in 2017, China pesticide sales ranking forefront
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In May 10th, sponsored by the Chinese pesticide industry association, Lianyungang pesticide industry analysis and ranking conference held in Jiangsu jointly organized the Nanjing economic crop Technology Co. Ltd. the fourth pesticide industry, will be released in 2017 Chinese pesticide industry sales Lianyungang hundred companies list, the crop science and technology limited company with sales of 1 billion 966 million yuan of row in the list of twelfth, achieved a proud achievement.

1(list of top 100 sales)

2(the company delegates accept the award)

The Lianyungang Pesticide Chemical Co. Ltd. as a 52 year long history of the old agricultural production enterprises, has been "the pesticide, quality and efficient" brand image, by the majority of farmers and distributors of the trust, has made outstanding achievements in the current;

At the end of February 2017, the company officially changed its name to Lianyungang the crop science and technology limited company, also made it clear that "the health care of crop planting, achievements dream" of the enterprise mission, fully demonstrated the us from the production and sales of the traditional type of pesticide companies, to focus on crops, change new agricultural service company to protect healthy growth of crops. This is not just a change in the company's business philosophy, but it will also be reflected in our next adjustment.

To crop to farmers as the center, the center will become our business conduct, and determined to become the value model crop health management.

Local crop science and technology, come on!

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